3 plumbing issues to add to your spring cleaning checklist

Birds are singing, traces of winter dirt cling to windows and the fresh scent of Mr. Clean is everywhere; spring cleaning is in the air! This year, while you’re at it, why not also take care of the small plumbing problems you’re always postponing?

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1. Finally fix that leaky faucet

Did you know that a leaky tap can use up to 680 litres of water a day? Decidedly, classic water torture is not ecological. And if it’s hot water, you have an excellent way to slim down your bank account on your hands! Here’s how to stop the bleeding.

  • Identify the source of the problem. Typically:
    • a trickle of water from the spout = a damaged, scaled or defective flap or seat.
    • a water leak through a handle or from the base of the tap = a worn seal.
  • Before taking things any further, protect your clothing and close the water inlet valve near the faucet or your home’s main water inlet. In case of panicked words of protest, turn the water back on so that your little one has time to wash her hair. As a preventive measure, turn off the power supply to the water heater. An element can easily get shorted out.
  • Turn on the taps to let the water drain out of the pipes completely.
  • Remove the handle with a pair of pliers. Use a wrench to unscrew the nut, then unscrew the tap head with your hand. Don’t worry if a trickle of water escapes; that’s normal.
  • Proceed with the repair:
    • Valve: Remove the valve head and use a sharp object to gently remove the used valve. Replace it with an identical new valve.
    • Seat: Grind the seat of the joint with a roving tool. Screw it in without forcing it and remove any debris. If the seat is damaged, replace it using an Allen key.
    • Worn gasket: Replace it with a new gasket.

2. Come to a clear understanding with your clogged sink

Place a bucket under your sink, then settle yourself under it. While you’re stuck in this awkward position, enlist your spouse as your slave assistant. Unscrew the siphon – the U-bend under the sink – and unclog it. If the siphon is clear, use a metal rod to see whether anything is clogging the pipe further down.

3. Raise your shower’s pressure

Is your shower pressure weak? Here are three things to try:

  1. Is your showerhead equipped with a water saver? If so, pat yourself on the back and accept the situation as it is.
  2. Does limescale build up in your pipes? Pour one part baking soda into four parts white vinegar into your shower’s drain. Let stand several minutes, then rinse. Repeat frequently as a preventive measure.
  3. Is the shower valve fully open? If not (!), open it completely and take the secret to your grave.

Plombier Expert, the winning solution!

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