4 gift ideas to treat yourself (or prevent water damage!)

Would you need a second neck to wear all the ties hanging in your closet? One more bottle of bath salts and you’ll need to build an extension on your home? Wait before calling your contractor. Here are some original (and practical!) gift ideas to add to your wish list or stow under the tree…

Plombier Expert | Cool Santa Claus

1-A clever gadget to catch stray hairs

“I love squeezing my hand into the bath drain to extract a clump of fine hair!” said ABSOLUTELY NO ONE EVER. Fortunately, many solutions are available on the market, including the Drain Strain, a gadget that is sure to change your life! This affordable and practical basket fits most sinks and baths, installs in less than a minute and is easy to clean. Perfect as a stocking stuffer!

▶ Has the horse left the barn? Here’s how to unclog a drain.

2-A very savvy water saver

Wasting water is so very 2004. Get with the times and think about the environment! The Amphiro b1 will get you back on track. This smart water meter is just the cold shower you need to learn how to waste water less. It does so by providing you with information on the amount of water and energy used in real time for each shower. All you have to do is set goals…and achieve them!

▶ Technology and you don’t mix well? Treat yourself to a free consultation with our experts. We would be pleased to recommend sustainable solutions adapted to your specific situation.

3-A water leak detector with a high IQ

Are you and plumbing a dynamic duo? An emergency stop valve – like the Water Hero – is the life-saving device you need! Simply install it on your water meter and move on to another call. If a water leak occurs in the house, this modern-day hero will detect it and notify you. All you’ll have left to do is call us! While it may be an expensive gift, it could help you prevent a lot of damage.

▶ Are you an old-fashioned type? Our team has the art of detecting water or gas leaks. Make the most of our pipe deterioration detection testing services.

4-Faucets with a sense of style

Do you dream of living in the pages of an interior design magazine but always put off making your dream a reality? Offer your family and yourself a gift that will make you happy every day! For instance, you might enjoy this shower head mimics taking a shower in the rain in the middle of the Amazon forest, or this trendy kitchen or bathroom faucet that will finally update your fixtures for the new millennium.

▶ Looking for inspiration? We’re proud to be a dealer of ALT products, which deliver functional, high-quality designer solutions. Better yet, we’ll install them for you!

With Plombier Expert, you’ll have things all wrapped up!

Contact us for gifts that will have you exclaiming, “Oh! Oh! Oh! It’s perfect!” We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. That makes us even more reliable than Santa Claus. 😉


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