5 questions to ask yourself before installing an outdoor shower

The “OMG, it’s so hot” season is fast approaching, and with it, an urgent desire to lower our body temperature. And, what’s the best solution for not spending the whole summer inside in an air-conditioned room? An outdoor shower! Affordable, environmentally friendly and easy to install, it’s a perfect solution even in small spaces. With all the benefits they offer, it’s no wonder outdoor showers are trendy. But before taking action, you need to ask yourself the right questions.

1- What purpose does an outdoor shower serve?

An outdoor shower can help you:

  • Keep your family cool in summer weather by offering an intermediate solution that falls somewhere between a perforated garden hose and an inground pool.
  • Keep your spouse happy with a pre-cleaning shower before coming inside after engaging in messy garden or garage work.
  • Rinse off chlorine or salt after swimming in a pool or encourage your grubby little neighbour to purify his soul before diving into your pool.
  • Give your dog a bath after a walk over muddy terrain.
  • Be the envy of your guests during your summer BBQs.

What are your reasons for wanting an outdoor shower? Consider the matter carefully. The answers are crucial to the decision-making process.

2- Hot water or not?

Cold water is the perfect choice to cool down or rinse off in hot weather. If that’s all you need to be happy, simply connect a standard garden hose to your shower, and you’re done! Looking for a shower to meet a variety of needs? You have two options:

  • To get the ideal temperature every time, connect your outdoor shower to your home’s hot water tank. While this approach is expensive and requires the intervention of a plumber, you’ll have access to all the hot water you want.
  • For pleasantly warm water, install an external solar-heated tank system. Keep in mind, though that it takes at least 10 litres of water to rinse off quickly, even under the best conditions, and the water in the solar-heated tank takes about two hours to warm up. In short, bigger is better when choosing a tank.

3- With or without soap?

In other words: will you need to dispose of wastewater? If you plan to use shampoo and soap, you don’t want the run-off to spill into your garden. Your carrots may not care, but your municipality will. If you plan on using soap, you’ll need a drain, a water connection to the house and a plumber.

4- What’s the best location for your shower?

By the pool? Near the garden? On the patio? Out of sight of prying eyes? If a water connection is required, install your shower against the wall of your house. For a mix of sunshine and water jets, select a sunny spot on your property. Proper planning is the key to success.

5- Pick your style

Modern, rustic, just the basics or high-end comfort, intimate or exposed? Adapt your plans and materials to your budget, needs and tastes.

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