5 resolutions for a more functional home

Do you have a big family? Has your bathroom started to look like Highway 10 during rush hour? Since it’s resolution season, why not make a resolution that will serve your whole family? Discover five ideas for projects you can undertake this year to make your day-to-day life easier.

Plombier Expert | Couple se chamaillant dans la salle de bain devant un miroir

1-Install a laundry sink in the basement


  • Subtly direct your better half to the basement door at the first sign of stained clothes or soiled hands after dirty work.
  • Never again see a paintbrush soaking in the kitchen sink next to a cold cup of coffee.
  • Set up a cozy corner to delouse your little one or give your dog a much-needed bath or makeover.

Pro tip: Pick a spot close to your plumbing to make it easier to connect pipes! 

Good to know: Laundry sinks usually come in one piece and are easy to fit under a countertop. Simply connect the sink to your plumbing, add the faucet of your choice and enjoy!

2-Installing a second sink in your bathroom


  • Enjoy a greater range of motion when using your toothbrush.
  • Secure an acquired right to shave with complete peace of mind.
  • Never again need to avoid someone’s head when spitting out toothpaste.

Keep in mind: Unless you’re a fan of mix-and-match sinks, you’ll probably want to replace your existing sink to install two identical ones. You may also want to get a brand-new countertop so that you can cut two new openings at the desired locations.

Good to know: Leave a minimum distance of 30 inches between the drains of the two sinks to ensure optimum spacing.

3-Add a second toilet in your home


  • Cut down on the risk of being interrupted in the middle of doing your business.
  • Have a quiet spot to play Candy Crush.
  • Prevent in-house traffic jams on taco night.

Good to know: If no toilet has ever seen the light of day on this floor, plan to install a supply line and a drainpipe. These can then be connected to the drainage system in accordance with your local building code.

4-Install an extra shower


  • Practice your vocal warm-ups and pyrotechnics away from prying ears.
  • Ensure two people have the luxury of being late for work or school at the same time.
  • Be able to bask in a good long bath once again.

Pro tip: Make your life easier by opting for a prefabricated shower base!

5-Replace your water heater with a bigger one.


  • Never stub your toe again when trying to hit the shower first in the morning.
  • Never have to delay doing a load of laundry again.
  • Never again wash dishes in cold water while cursing life’s unfairness.

Good to know: A too-big water heater will drive up your electricity bill unnecessarily. Choose your new water heater wisely based on your real needs.

➢ For two to three users: Choose a 40-gallon water heater for average consumption or a 60-gallon one for high consumption.
➢ For four to five users: Choose a 60-gallon water heater for average consumption or an 80-gallon one for high consumption. 

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