Fall tasks: how to prevent water damage the easy or the hard way

Like an insistent mother-in-law who “just wants to lend a helping hand,” fall has arrived at your doorstep and is planning to settle in for a while, whether you like it or not. If you find the change of seasons difficult to cope with, imagine how they affect your home. Avoid winter’s deep freeze and the damaging consequences that come with it. It’s time to switch to prevention mode. Now.

Plombier Expert | Belle-mère tenant un valise avec râteau et feuilles mortes

Basic prevention for time-pressed homeowners

Sort out your gutters

Gutters are your allies in the fight against water damage. However, their efficiency drops drastically when they are clogged. Don’t take the risk that they’ll overflow over the winter and cause ice to dam on your roof. Get the ladder out fast and clean them. Disconnect any pipes connected to them as you go. When it freezes, water in them could seriously damage your gutters.

Keep outdoor taps from running off at the mouth

If only water could turn into wine when the temperature drops below zero! You can’t count on that miracle, though. To avoid ice damage, it’s time to drain the pipes from your outdoor taps. Here’s how.

  1. Close the corresponding valve inside the house.
  2. Open the tap to drain all the remaining water and turn it off.
  3. Protect your tap from freezing by covering it. Insulating tape will do the job very well.

Good to know: If your home is newer, your outdoor faucet may be equipped with an antifreeze device. If so, throw some confetti, pick them up (think of our planet!) and go straight to the next step.

Is your garden hose just loafing about? Store it away until fairer weather makes a comeback.

Turn the heat up in your garage

If you have running water in your garage, it’s time to think about turning the heat on. Minimal heat is enough to prevent pipes from freezing. Don’t have a garage? Then, skip this step!


Additional tips for the people keen on doing the job right

Don’t like to take risks? Here are some additional tips to help you achieve perfection.

  1. Inspect your foundation for cracks.
  2. Check out your siding and consolidate it if necessary. 
  3. Replace any damaged sealant around your doors and windows.
  4. Does your property slope towards your house? Get the shovel out to correct the situation to channel potential water accumulations from their risky path.

Extended absence: how to deal with this exceptional situation

Do you morph into a snowbird at the first sign of frost? Do you spend long periods of time with your offspring (in other words, you’re the helpful mother-in-law in this scenario)? Your house will need a little TLC before you go. Here are a few tips that will help you get the job done.

Plombier Expert: the easy solution

Don’t have the time – or the inclination – to do it yourself? Ignore the previous tips, pass GO and ask for our expert help! Our team will be happy to do the prevention work for you. From draining and excavation work to repairs, we’ll handle the task with enthusiasm.


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