Foundation drain: everything you need to know to keep your feet dry

Determined to combine your two passions this season: cursing winter while putting your talents as a Sunday handyman to good use? That makes sense. After all, if you don’t want to face the cold outside, you might as well get the hammer out, right? When you go to the basement to get your tools, take the opportunity to check the status of your French drain.

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What does a French drain do?

A French drain safeguards your foundations, repels its sworn enemy, Water Infiltrations, and their faithful sidekick, Humidity. Without a French drain, water doesn’t flow and will eventually saturate the ground around the house and put the squeeze on your foundations, which may well crack under pressure.

Signs a Leviathan may be lying in wait under your drain

  • Your house is unusually humid.
  • Your walls give off a slight scent of mould or have mould spots.
  • White crystals have formed on the concrete. You sometimes imagine you see sheep forming and, or bad days, menacing demons!
  • Cracks have appeared in your foundation.
  • Your basement walls are seeping, and every day is a soggy Groundhog Day.

If any of these describe your situation, beware of heavy rains and thaws. Disaster awaits!

Possible solutions to the problem

Has your suspicion meter hit the critical range? Here are a few questions to help you define the problem.

  1. Has your drain been damaged or collapsed? Nothing lasts forever. With time, your drain may have deteriorated to the point where it no longer drains water away.
    Good to know: A drain’s typical life span is about 40 years.
  2. Is your drain clogged? Breaking news: Water needs room to flow.
  3. Do you even have a drain? This vital question is often overlooked.
    Good to know: Not all pre-1950 houses have a drain.

A few solutions are available:

  • Plan A: Unclog the drain with a pressure jet.
  • Plan B: Repair or replace the damaged part of the drain.
  • Plan C: Completely replace the foundation drain or have one installed. Now. Even though this is a major undertaking, your investment will guarantee you peace of mind for years to come.

Must-have equipment: an excavation expert

Psst! You’re in luck; we’ve made it our specialty!

Kill two birds with one stone

If digging is necessary, you might as well make it worthwhile! Use this opportunity to prevent future problems during your excavation work. Can any of the following points be improved?

  • Basement wall waterproofing and insulation
  • Backfill status
  • Water inlet and sewer status

Plombier Expert also specializes in French drains!

Excavation work isn’t for the uninitiated! Between getting the job done and doing the job well, the choice is obvious. Get the most out of your investment. Let our experts take care of your French drains. You won’t be disappointed!


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