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Plombier Expert: A Unique Approach to Plumbing

Plombier Expert is more than just plumbing services. Plombier Expert’s innovative approach offers a fleet of trucks covering the South Shore and West Island of Montreal. A qualified master plumber operates each truck, which carries all the equipment he needs to fix your plumbing problem in just one visit. The result is fast, reliable, reputable, and flexible service. 

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A One-Stop-Shop for a Plumbing Job Well Done… Fast

Does this sound familiar? You call a plumber, but he doesn’t have all the equipment he needs on hand to get the job done. He shows up when it is convenient for him, takes a look at the problem, then goes to buy the parts he needs. Meanwhile, the meter is running and you are getting more frustrated by the minute. Even worse, if he cannot fix the problem himself, he just shrugs and tells you to call a specialist, leaving you back at square one.

At Plombier Expert, we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and knock a hole in the wall or fill it back in again, if that is what it takes to get your job done right! Our trucks are equipped with every tool we could possibly need, not to mention an exhaustive inventory of parts, including pipework, valves, strainers, faucets, adapters, and more. We even have a replacement toilet! What does that mean for you? Less stress, less time wasted, and a more affordable bill.

Our Team of Travelling Experts

Our team is made up of experienced master plumbers who specialize in utilities and building repair. Versatile, meticulous, and efficient, our plumbers have several certifications, years of experience, and all the skills needed to get the job done so you can successfully finish your project in compliance with the building code.

Mathieu Bachand
Mathieu BachandFounder and Partner
Mathieu works on the front lines and is one of the two people you might talk to when you call. Mathieu is known far and wide for his excellent advice and will do whatever it takes to make sure Plombier Expert always meets and exceeds your expectations.
Matthieu Bouchard
Matthieu BouchardPartner and Master Plumber
Mathieu joined Plombier Expert when it was just getting off the ground and never looked back! He loves putting his expertise to use every time he picks up the phone. If he is not taking customer calls, you will probably find him on the road, solving your plumbing problem.
Benjamin Lavallé
Benjamin LavalléDispatcher
He loves a good plumbing challenge and he has never met a blocked toilet he could not fix. Let your kids and that toy they just flushed do their worst job!
Martin Lapointe
Martin LapointeMaster Plumber
Armed with an eagle eye, Martin notices even the smallest details. He has no pity for flaws in your plumbing system.
Jean Cébastien Bédard
Jean Cébastien BédardMaster Plumber
A star problem-solver, Jean-Sébastien will give you peace of mind as soon as he opens the door. He will not rest until the last piece of the plumbing puzzle is in place.
Emmanuel Groulx
Emmanuel GroulxMaster Plumber
If your pipes were students, he’d take them to task in the classroom! Like a teacher who’s passionate about his subject, he has more than one test in his arsenal to detect flaws…and work on weak spots.
François Ouellet
François OuelletMaster Plumber
Armed with an excavator and professional know-how, he’ll make your excavation work child’s play. But he also has the fine touch required to take care of all your finishing work.
Jean-Philippe Morin
Jean-Philippe MorinMaster Plumber
He carries his heart on his sleeve and a cellphone in his pocket. And like a first responder, he rushes to the rescue as soon as you place an emergency call. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, live from his office or his bath. There’s simply no stopping him.
Dominic Labatt
Dominic LabattMaster Plumber
Blessed with a naturally open nature, he’s a dab hand with your French drain; you’d think he’s been wielding a wrench all his life. Introduce him to your German Shepherd during this visit. Chances are you’ll have a winning match.
Manuel Poirier
Manuel PoirierMaster Plumber
So, you’ve found the premises of your dreams and want to ensure you have running water? Here’s the right man to take care of your business! His know-how is as big as your construction site. Put him to the test!
Maxim Sénécal
Maxim SénécalMaster Plumber
Need help installing a gas or oil appliance or unit or giving the one you already have a little TLC? He never goes anywhere without bearing sound advice and valuable knowledge on the subject.
Mustafa Berdous
Mustafa BerdousMaster Plumber
An experienced juggler, he handles the pipe wrench and the valves like no other! And we’re not even talking about water heaters…
Sébastien Valière
Sébastien ValièreMaster Plumber
Like a plumbing ninja, he eliminates problems in less time than it takes to say “leak”! Your emergencies are in good hands.
Danny Blaney
Danny BlaneyMaster Plumber
Like a piping cowboy, he plugs leaks faster than his shadow! Your floors and walls will thank him.
HarveyCanine Assistant
Passionate about master plumbers, cuddles and cookies, we can count on Harvey to make the team smile. Enthusiastic with each of your calls, he loves to listen to the advice his master gives you … and he learns quickly.

A Little History on a Big Success

Plombier Expert exists today because of Mathieu Bachand’s vision. After working in the construction industry and regularly employing plumbers, he began to notice a need that was not being filled. Eventually he got tired of noticing and decided it was time to take action. What if he filled that need himself?

That’s what he has been doing since November 2012, along with partner Mathieu Bouchard. Plombier Expert means a better approach to plumbing, exceptional service, and a job well done the first time. Plombier Expert is the plumbing of the future, with a fleet of plumbing trucks covering Montreal’s South Shore.


Spread out across Montreal, our fleet of fully equipped trucks means we can get to you fast to solve your plumbing problem while providing the impeccable service and quality work that we are known for.

Got an emergency? We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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