How to pay less for hot water

Yes, saving hot water saves you from touching the bottom of the tank and experiencing a cold shower.

But unless your favorite activity consists in throwing your money out the windows and to fling your small change in a fountain every other Thursday, you are like the common of mortals: saving money makes you happy.  

Reducing your hot water consumption is an excellent way to reach your goals. Here is how to do it…

Bris de tuyaux causant un dégât d'eau et cochon flottant.

Tips for the water heater

✓ Replace your water heater

Yours is about to be classified as “cultural heritage”? This is a good indication that the time has come to put this advice into practice. Even if you follow our advice and pamper it, you should know that a water heater has a lifespan of approximately 10 years.  

Choosing a high-efficiency water heater is a great investment. Need a helping hand to take action? Whether it’s to repair or replace a water heater, or even to obtain advice when buying your device, our team does not give its place.

✓ Reduce the heat required by your water heater  

It’s the building code that says it, your water supply must be maintained at 60 °C.  Beyond this temperature, you consume unnecessary energy. Below, you could receive a nice visit: the Legionella bacteria, a friendly microorganism that takes up residence in your tank and exposes your family to Legionnaires’ disease; a rare form of pneumonia. 

Let’s go for 62 °C, just in case…  

Our clever tips for the washing machine

✓ Choose a front-loading washing machine 

Far from us is the idea to incite you to replace an appliance that has not ended its life cycle. Unless you are the kind of person that burns their banknotes. For the others, when the time comes, opt for a front-loading washing machine.

On top of entertaining your pets and making the most of your laundry room, front-loading washing machines function by tumbling, which reduces your water consumption by 40-50% per load.  

✓ Wash your clothes in cold water

[Tide] was right. Washing your clothes in cold water does a really good job. Save the hot water load for big exceptions.   

Our recommendation for the dishwasher

Two words: Energy. Star. If your dishwasher does not carry this certification, each of your wash cycles can consume up to 40 liters of water. Meanwhile, your neighbor across the street is laughing in his beard while consuming just 10 liters with his energy-efficient dishwasher, and is planning his next trip to the South. 

You want to be your neighbor. This simple gesture will allow you to save up approximately 1000 liters of hot water and up to $600 each year. A nice little plane ticket on a last-minute flight … 

Install low-throughput equipment

Demonic shower head: Consumes up to 9,5 liters of water per minute.

Approved low-flow shower head WaterSense: Consumes a maximum of 7,6 liters of water per minute.

Diabolical sink aerator: Offers a flow rate of 8,3 liters per minute.

Low-flow sink aerator: Offers a flow rate of 5,7 liters per minute.



Sink aerator: device screwed to the mouth of the faucet, having the purpose of injecting air into your water jet.



Satanic toilet: Flushing flow worthy of Niagara Falls.

Low-flow toilet: A minimum of 20% less water consumed at each flush.


Invest in your savings with Plombier Expert

Convinced? Don’t wait until you’re in hot water. Invest today and start saving.

And to save you time and headaches as a bonus, entrust us with your needs. From the water heater to the toilet, through the pipes, our team of professionals is a safe bet.


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