How to reduce your hot water consumption (even more!)

Saving water is good. Saving water and money is even better! We told you about it earlier, sometimes it only takes a few gestures to make your appliances more energy efficient. On the piping side too, you can make changes for the best and for the better. 

Ask yourself the right questions and develop the right reflexes with this series of tips…

Robinet d'eau coulant dans un évier et petit cochon rose.

How to plug a water leak

Warning. Sensitive souls beware.

A leaky shower faucet consumes between 140 and 680 liters of water daily. After a month, this innocent little drop will have let out the equivalent of 10 baths full of water.

And because one usually takes hot showers and baths, that drop that falls is probably at the same temperature.

End the nightmare now. Change your seal gaskets.

A certified plumber can give you a valuable helping hand.

A simple question to use the faucet judiciously

Hot water or cold water? This is the question you should ask yourself whenever you are about to turn on the tap. “Cold water would do just fine” is a conclusion that could come up more often than you think (and reduce your hot water consumption by up to 25%).

A matter of habits in the bathroom

Bath or shower? That is the question. It depends: that is the answer. 

The bath consumes about 150 liters of water.

A 10 minute shower with a standard flow rate consumes 95 liters of water.

Are you an Olympic medalist in “speedshower”? Five minutes under the shower is usually enough to wash and will consume half as many liters.

Are you a fan of goosebumps, or is your skin made of leather? Try the “I close the water while I wash” technique. It’s not hot, hot, but you’ll be close to the Guinness World Record with a maximum consumption of 20 liters of water!

Are you used to emptying the hot water tank? Taking a bath may be an anti-waste tactic better suited to your reality.

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